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The Movement for a positive economy: promoting an economy for the benefit of the society and the planet

A positive economy is an economy that adapts capitalism in order to ensure that it takes a long-term view. 

The Movement for a positive economy was created by the PlaNet Finance Group in 2012 and is the result of the desire to turn the various crises that we are experiencing into opportunities to bring about a positive transformation of our economy and to question the way we produce and consume.

The Movement for a positive economy brings together citizens, political decision-makers, directors of associations and ONGs, company directors, social entrepreneurs, decision-makers, researchers, in France and worldwide, who are keen to be involved in the dynamics of the positive economy.

In order to extend the success of the first LHFORUM in 2012, the Movement is continuing its development via a range of additional actions:

LHFORUM 2013 – highlight of the end of the summer season for the positive economy with a major international event from 25 to 27 September 2013 in Le Havre

+ The report For a positive economy entrusted to Jacques Attali by French President François Hollande.

+ The Positive Book – everything you need to know about those involved in the positive economy, published in partnership with Le Monde

+ The LHLABS - discussion sessions on a variety of themes throughout the year

+ Visions of the future, the international student competition

+ Ecoplus.TV – the positive economy web TV

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